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Over 50 Years of Serving Municipal Finance

Our Mission

The Society of Municipal Analysts was formed in 1965 to encourage forthright and candid conversations among industry veterans and issuers of municipal securities regarding new developments in the public finance industry.  The goal of the organization is to promote the practice of credit analysis and portfolio management within the municipal bond finance industry and to provide a forum for debate, discussion, and continuing education.

The Society is comprised of about 40 members that represent a broad spectrum within the municipal finance industry. Members are carefully selected through an internal process and, when we meet, we drop the guise of professional titles and engage as interested, life-long students of public finance. We are a spirited and engaging group.

Society of Municipal Analysts meetings occur twice a year at locations designated by the current President. While discussions tend to center on issues facing our host city and state, regional as-well-as national topics are often addressed. Even though our meetings are not recorded and closed to the public and the press, the issues and ideas discussed may contribute as input for future independent member position papers and research reports. However, the Society is not an advocacy group and we do not write or publish any commentary.

Our Meeting

  • The next Society meeting will take place on  September 25-27 in Salt Lake City, UT
  • The meeting will be hosted by 2024 Society President Tom McLoughlin.

Our Membership

 The Society of Municipal Analysts consists of about 40 senior professionals from all sectors within the municipal finance industry:

  • Sell side members are engaged in investment banking, financial advisers, trading and research.
  • Buy side members are senior portfolio managers and analysts employed by mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, and firms that service high net worth individuals.
  • Legal professionals that specialize in municipal matters.
  • Senior analysts from the three major ratings research services.
  • Some of our membership occasionally serve on outside organizations such as the GASB and the MSRB.

Spring 2021 Meeting - Zoom

Spring 2024 Meeting - Detroit, MI

Spring 2012 Meeting - San Juan, PR

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